Flow Pot is made from a mixture of plastics collected from and around rivers and ocean-bound sources and post-consumer plastic. Inspired to ethically clean waste from our oceans and waterways.Through careful deliberation and rigorous quality control, we’ve created a balanced mixture that ensures the familiar quality and consistency associated with CTi.

The river plastic is collected from the Yang Tze river - at collection points in Changzhou and Yangzhou - contributing to the ‘Save The Yang Tze’ initiative.

The post-consumer plastic are collected from municipal waste management recycling facilities in China that are then sorted out and shipped to our manufacturing site.

The ocean-bound sources are collected from Haiti, Philippines, and Indonesia, courtesy of Plastic Bank’s Social plastic. Social Plastic is ethically recovered material that increases recycling rate for ocean-bound plastic while giving collectors a path out of poverty.

Based in Toronto, Canada, CTi Plastic has been an industry leader in wholesale garden planter and plastic containers for over 16 years. We provide custom designed planters for your greenhouse, nursery, or retail garden center. CTI products come in a broad range of styles, colors and sizes to accommodate your specific requirements, whether that’s indoor, outdoor, seasonal or year-round. CTI follows each industry closely, noting changes in trends and technology so that we can closely meet our customer’s needs. All our pots are made from recycled materials and designed locall

A globally recognized organization, Plastic Bank was founded in 2013 in Vancouver Canada. Dedicated to reducing plastic waste while alleviating poverty in developing countries, every product produced feeds into the Social Plastic® program. The program has locals collect plastics within 50Km of ocean-bound routes and waterways. The collected plastic is then traded for money, digital tokens, services and daily necessities at collection points, helping to increase the standard of living for disenfranchised communities.


A proactive and preventative initiative to stop discarded plastic entering our oceans. By collecting waste from in and around water ways leading to the ocean, we are helping to preserve and prevent marine degradation.


Promotion of consumer awareness by engaging with transparent environmental and social platforms. Helping to alleviate poverty through Plastic Bank’s Social Plastic® program.


Customized metrics such as total tonnage removed from environment and investment towards social impact in sourced countries will be available. This will help visualize the impact your purchase is making around the world.