Scott White

Scott White


Scott’s entrepreneurial spirit is infectious and is what has propelled CTi forward from inception in his garage into the leader it has become. As the President of our group of companies, seeing the entrepreneurial spirit alive in our employees is just as rewarding to Scott as seeing all that we are able to produce. He fosters a familial environment as we all work together, in partnership with our customers, to create innovative solutions that drive our company forward. Scott wears many hats in his personal life including having fun enjoying the ski slopes, just dare him. When he is not dreaming of more pots, you can find him with his partner Julie and his Bernese Mountain dog Bella somewhere close to a hockey arena.

Michael Wu

Michael Wu


Michael’s involvement in the garden décor industry began decades ago. He is a man of few words but they are mighty and powerful when he gives his feedback and direction. He has extensive international trade experience and leveraged that when he and Scott decided to start building CTi as a company. Michael oversees the production line and supply chain both domestically and globally. This is a man who loves a challenge. Michael’s belief that self improvement happens each time a challenge is met, has been integral to the success that CTi has had. During his free time, Michael is swimming or hiking with his family and friends.


stacey rumpf

Stacey Rumpf

Director of Sales

As the Director of Sales, Stacey works to ensure that we meet our sales goals by having a great team of people in place while mining interesting projects to work on. Having been born into the industry, Stacey developed a passion for horticulture from a very young age. She uses her wealth of both learned and inherent category experience to push the horticultural industry forward in terms of design and innovation. It is also thanks to Stacey that our office remains full of healthy and vibrant foliage. During her off hours, Stacey spends her time biking, doing Pilates and passing down her roots and passions for plants onto her son, Connor.

Al Shivraj

Al Shivraj

Sales Manager

Al is a huge basketball fan and our internal go-to for all things food related; who needs a restaurant recommendation? He manages our North American sales for IGC’s and national retailers, driven by the relationships he builds with his customers just as much as he is driven to meet and exceed his targets. With an extensive background in sales, business marketing and project management, Al is quick to rise to any challenge inorder to meet our customers demands. It’s only been years of him working in the industry for Al to finally become a plant parent, to a baby snake plant.

Jon Vaughan

Jon Vaughan

Key Account Manager

From breeders to national retailers, Jon is an expert in fostering relationships that have led to great successes for CTi. With more years worth of experience than his appearance would suggest, Jon’s strength in building campaigns and his tenacity to find practical solutions that drive sales, has seen him foster some of our closest relationships with customers. Outside of work you can try and catch a glimpse of Jon as races past you, training for his next big race, sure to break a 3-hour marathon.

nicole maliteare

Nicole Maliteare

North American Sales Representative

Nicole is the sweetest member of the team. She is responsible for our Retail Program Sales, and partners with buyers and Independent greenhouses to build strong and insightful programs. Her attention to detail and easygoing demeanor have been integral to fostering the close working partnerships she has with our customers. Outside of work, Nicole can be found staying active with her kids and family, doing everything from snowboarding to golfing. Working at CTi has encouraged Nicole to develop a lifelong mission to turn her “brown thumb” into a green one.

Camilo buitrago anzola

Camilo Buitrago Anzola

Sales and Digital Marketing Coordinator

As the digital marketing coordinator, Camilo is in charge of developing our digital marketing strategy and maintaining CTi’s social media presence. On the sales side, Camilo assists the team by placing orders and generating quotes, all while ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction. Camilo loves to travel, cook, and learn new languages. He is currently fluent in three languages and working on his fourth. Given his Gen Z upbringing, Camilo finds himself as the go-to for most of our technology questions.

marcel weiss

Marcel Weiss

Sales Representative

Marcel can find the bright side of any situation. His rational and positive outlook means that he is never deterred, consistently pushing for the best results. He works with distributors to develop line programs that can be accessible to all levels of grower requirements. Marcel enjoys cultivating strong relationships with his customers and during his many years at CTi he has brought in an abundance of both new business and organic growth. This entrepreneurial approach has him consistently identifying opportunities that others may not see, perhaps it’s the animal lover in him?

lucas androulidakis

Lucas Androulidakis

Sales Support Representative

Lucas is a student at OCAD, studying Graphic Design. He has been with CTi for just under three years and is working part-time to provide support wherever is required. Day-to-day, you will find Lucas running expense reports, helping with shipping/receiving as well as providing assistance for our sales team. Free time for Lucas means playing games and designing with a constant soundtrack playing in the background.

katie macdonald

Katie Macdonald

Creative Operations

Katie helps facilitate and operationalize our internal processes to drive efficiencies. Her knowledge of project management, creative development and budgetary responsibility has been an asset whilst she manages process and workflow among the teams. When she is not coaching her kids Track and Field teams to National finals, running half marathons, or playing a variety of musical instruments, she can be found hiding from her family in the pantry with a cup of tea and a Vanity Fair magazine.


shinya kumazawa

Shinya Kumazawa

Director of Design

In 2005 Scott walked over to his neighbor, Shinya, and asked him to sketch a few planters. Little did Shinya know that in jumping forward 15 years they would have designed and produced hundreds of different planters together. Shinya heads up the Design department at CTi. He is a trusted mentor to his team, and his category knowledge is evident each time he picks up a brief. Committed to his craft, Shinya is a self-taught designer and has been an oil painter for decades. He sees designing as a puzzle: filling in the gaps with creative solutions in order to achieve that coveted balance between purpose and form.

kasia kwec-moskwinski

Kasia Kwec-Moskwinski

Product Designer

Kasia was raised in an artistic family which allowed her to be exposed to a creative environment from a young age. She graduated from the University of Silesia in Poland with a specialization in sculpture. Kasia’s expertise at CTi is apparent in her creative and technical development of new colors and finishes for our offering. In her free time, she enjoys exploring the great outdoors with her family, long-distance swims, walks with her dog and ultimately, getting lost in her own studio projects.

yuebai xiao

Yuebai Xiao

Product Designer

Yuebai began studying fine arts in grade school and has been pursuing this path ever since. As his skills developed, he began to merge his artistic expression with real life applications. After graduating from the industrial design program at Sheridan College, Yuebai joined CTi as our 3D designer. He oversees 3D components of our designs such as sampling and prototyping. Yuebai lives to create; in wood, 3D printing or clay sculptures. He will be the consummate student given his unwavering enthusiasm for exploration and experimentation.

Nilab safi

Nilab Safi

Product Designer

Nilab grew up immersed in an entrepreneurial environment surrounded by heavy influences of arts, culture, and science. She’s built herself an eclectic background with a degree in both Neuroscience and Illustration and experience in graphic design and photography. As such, Nilab tackles each project with a creatively analytical approach. Nilab also spearheads the content creation for our social media channels. She is an avid plant lover who has a tendency to adopt the forgotten plants around the office.

cathal curran

Cathal Curran

Product Designer

Cathal is an award-winning designer and a welcome addition to the CTi Family. He graduated from Maynooth University in Ireland with a BSc in Product Design, Marketing & Innovation. An avid traveller, Cathal has lived and worked across the globe, bringing an international perspective to his design expertise. With a background in furniture design and an enthusiasm in learning all he can about the horticulture industry, Cathal’s fresh and innovative eye is an asset for CTi.

carmen keiko

Carmen Keiko

Senior Product Designer

Carmen developed early on a passion for materials, colours, patterns and textures – how they combine to create specific aesthetics, which launched her design career. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and a Master’s from Istituto Europeo di Design - IED. Carmen has an entrepreneurial spirit, which led her to create a small venture focused on innovative 3d printed jewelry. For fun, she enjoys crafting, exploring new and exciting places, playing with her cat and binging series.


paulo jimenez

Paulo Jimenez

Production and Logistics Manager

If you hear Salsa or Bachata playing, you have probably stumbled into Paulo’s office. Paulo keeps our supply chain running and is always working to deliver our products to customers in the most efficient way. Always a joker, but never taken lightly, Paulo holds an Industrial Engineering Degree with an International Marketing and Logistics post-graduate Certificate. And if that isn’t enough, he is currently working on getting a CCLP accreditation. Where he finds the time to sleep between working multiple time zones and growing his family is a mystery but guaranteed he is doing it all with grace and a smile.

zain bobat

Zain Bobat

Logistics Coordinator

Zain is the link between production and our products arriving at our customers doorstep. He coordinates the movements of thousands of containers per year from China to North America. Working alongside Paulo, he prepares paperwork for ocean/land shipping, coordinating routes for each shipment, as well as managing trucking and warehouses around the US and Canada. Zain has a great love for cricket and cars. He has played at a national level for U-17 Cricket Tournaments and spends most of his free time working on his car. You may catch him cruising proudly around the City of Toronto in his one of a kind Purple Audi.


thu nguyen

Thu Nguyen

Director of Finance

If Thu were a plant, she would be an oak tree. A symbol of strength and wisdom, she loves to absorb information from all aspects of life. It’s no surprise to know that since 2008 she has been the head of our Financial and Accounting Department in addition to being the General Operations Manager for our office. Thu loves to set goals for herself, and is very inquisitive. On her days off she enjoys reading, travelling, and visiting art museums.

zunaira ahmad

Zunaira Ahmad

Accounting Staff

Although soft spoken upon first greeting, do not let that fool you. Zunaira has an Advanced Diploma in accounting and is currently working on her Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting. This, combined with her experience in bookkeeping sets her up perfectly to manage our accounts receivable. Zunaira spends her free time with her family, travelling and being out in nature.

nishtha widhani

Nishtha Widhani

Accounting Staff

Accounting and Finance is Nishtha’s passion. Her extensive financial education and a near decade of experience in the field has her fully equipped with the skills and experience needed to keep us in the black. Her motto in life is a simple one: if you want something you have never had then you’ve got to do something you have never done. Nishtha’s a real go getter and her spirit is infectious to all she encounters.

masego dube

Masego Dube

Accounting Staff

Masego oversees Accounts Payable and bookkeeping for us. She has a background in Business Administration and is an active member of the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT). When Masego has closed our books for the day you can find her with her family, travelling and growing her own vegetables- in CTi pots of course!


Peter white

Peter White

Warehouse Coordinator

Peter is a man of few words. He runs our Mississauga warehouse, working closely with our production team and local growers to manage our inventory, packaging, and transportation. Peter heads to his cottage as many times as humanly possible, surrounding himself with nature in order to reconnect and appreciate the simple things in life.

eric yorke

Eric Yorke


Eric is a professional musician and runs a small studio, but from the hours of nine to five Eric oversees our shipping and receiving. Walking into his warehouse, it’s apparent how he combines his ingenuity with pragmatism to best sort the thousands of pots we store there. He does everything from ordering samples and supplies to picking and shipping orders. During the spring and summer months you can find Eric working a small patio garden where he spends many hours of joy watching the greenery grow with his spouse.

IT Department

adil ebrahim

Adil Ebrahim

IT and Pricing Manager

Adil started with us as a part-time student, helping out with anything and everything. Years later he heads up our IT Department and is our key Pricing Manager. Adil believes in pushing oneself outside of their comfort zone to create opportunities that benefit the community at large. He keeps us moving forward and provides us with the technology required to do so. Adil sees the bigger picture in everything and skillfully applies this to ensure that CTi is focused along with being profitable.

zach gibbs

Zach Gibbs

Pricing and System Analyst

Zach is the biggest Toronto Maple Leaf’s fan at CTi. We know this because he approaches every NHL season thinking that the Toronto Maple Leaf’s are going to win the Stanley Cup, only to get his hope stripped away time and time again. Zach works on our IT system development, pricing planters and creating reports. He works for us part-time while he studies engineering at Carleton University. Outside of work you can find Zach playing video games, hanging out with his friends, or out on the golf course.