Our Story

Since 2003 our Team has excelled at designing, manufacturing and supplying the floral and home décor Markets. Starting with our CEOs, Scott White and Michael Wu, we have steadily grown into an international team, harmoniously focused on innovation, design excellence, and exceptional customer service. We strive always to better ourselves and our team members. With a production capacity spanning the globe, a design team that is second to none and enthusiastic support to understand your goals, collaborate with us and let’s see if we can make something great.

Our Values

Embracing Innovation

Who would ever have guessed that injection molded plastic pots could master the art of illusion? That’s our kind of magic – whether it’s a “stone” pot that looks and feels as rustic as if from an Italian villa, or a glossy, cobalt “ceramic” pot that would look right at home in a modern gallery. Our design team visits the top annual trade shows in Europe, Asia and North America, while vigorously studying global trends data in order to create the designs that will excite your customers next. You’ll find us using 3D printers to experiment with new patterns, while our in-house colour expert customizes hues. Innovation in trends, colours and quality are deep inside every pot.

Global Meets Local

Seventeen years ago, we opened our factory in Nanjing, China with the goal of producing quality plastic pots with speed and efficiency for the North American market. Millions of pots later, and we’re proud to be laying down roots on home soil as well. With manufacturing facilities in Erie, Pennsylvania and Montreal, Quebec, along with multiple warehouses across the United States, our headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, is the beating heart of it all – from our leading-edge design consultants to our always-on customer service team. Merging global with local production all leads to one thing: on-time delivery of products to your greenhouse or store.

Protecting Our Future

As leaders in plastic containers manufacturing, we strive to set as example when it comes to sustainability. Last year saw the launch of our Flow Pot, made from recycled plastic collected from ocean bound sources. The award-winning concept is just one step in reducing our ecological footprint, while promoting livelihood in impoverished countries. The best part? In trend-forward shades and myriad textures, the Flow Pot is as stylish as it is sustainable, while meeting the demand for more ethically-minded purchases for the home. As with any of our products, we always design to pack at a maximum, minimizing the cost to the environment and your bottom line.

Working Together

Stronger together. When collaboration is the goal, success means offering ideas and welcoming ideas in equal measure. That’s the team spirit that goes into working with clients to bring a unique concept to life, with fully customizable planters and pots in over 700 colours. ‘Team’ is also the mantra that helps bring the entire horticulture community together for the good of the industry as a whole. Working in partnership gets us all to a better place.